Air Cooled Jumpers

CAL XL Air-Cooled Jumpers

The XL line of cables were first introduced in the US by CAL in the early 1980’s for the more demanding flex of the newer machines. CAL’s XL Cables are the same as the standard cable except for the special stranding of the rope. The MCM sizes available are from 400 MCM to 1200 MCM excluding 500 MCM. The XL Air-Cooled Jumpers were designed for flexibility. In a high flex job, these cables have been reported to last up to 5 times longer than a standard jumper. Because of the special stranding, and the smaller diameter individual wires in the bunches, we recommend that in a high heat application you move up to a larger MCM size, if possible.

CAL also makes XL cables in Water-Cooled Jumpers and Dual Conductor Cables.

MCM Size Air Cooled Jumpers

Determining the MCM size required

To determine the required MCM rating, it is first necessary to know: (1) the duty cycle, (2) current to be used and (3) length of the cable to be used, measured bolt hole center to bolt hole center.

Once this has been determined, proceed as follows:

1. Find the closest duty cycle shown on the multiplier chart to the left. Take your current level and multiply it times the multiplier shown. This will give you the continuous duty current of the cable.

2. Refer to the chart below. Looking up from the length of your required cable, find the angular line closest to the continuous current level you just established. Then follow the angular line to the right for the MCM rating.

Air Cooled Jumper Selection Chart