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Calcables - Forecast for 4th Quarter 2013! We See Price Discounts On The Horizon.

Calcables staff has been working very hard to forecast the needs of the upcoming 4th quarter.  Amidst the news of Obamacare, changes in the automotive industry and the feedback from our customers, we are responding positively with additional price discounts on may of our products and services. As of October 1, 2013, we expect to roll out additional savings to our customers, in keeping with our values and mission statement that as we strive to thrive, we also strive to see your business thrive. Repair, Rebuild, Recover:  Calcables initiative to repair/rebuild cables whenever possible.  Our team of experienced engineers will evaluate a returned cable, make a determination on what material can be repaired on a rebuilt cable.  The cost savings in our RRR program is significant.  In the event we cannot repair/rebuild your cable, a credit on the value of the cable will be put toward the price of a new cable.   Calcables is also happy to recycle any unused cables you may have on your shelf.  Contact my inside sales department to see how we can help you, move inventory off of your shelf and turn it into revenue. Calcables Announces Plant Manager:  Russ Hayward has been promoted to Plant Manager, Inside Sales, Outside Sales.  We look forward to implenting his lifetime of experience in the welding industry, sales and management to compliment our existing staff, with a combined 35 years of experience.  We look forward to having our customers get to know Russ, who is on hand to address any problems, questions or concerns. FABTECH 2013:  Planning to attend FABTECH 2013 in Chicago?   We would enjoy the opportunity to meet you!!   My staff will be meeting and greeting as many of you as possible, and handing out "trinkets"!!  FABTECH is always greatly successful and a wonderful meet and greet opportunity! As always, we wish all of our valued customers a wonderful start to upcoming 4th quarter and hope you see great successes as we close out the 2013 business year. Cheryl Benson