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Expanding Welding Consumables To Include Accessories

The CAL line of cables has expanded to accommodate a more complete line of welding consumables, which includes welding electrodes.  Our capabilities at CAL's has always been to be able to convert part numbers from other vendors/suppliers and the same is also true with welding electrodes, caps, tips.Expanding our line at Cal Manufacturing, Inc., is just one way we strive to provide one-stop shopping for our distributors and OEM's in the marketplace.  The ability to purchase everything on one purchase order not only saves our customers time, but it also provides value-driven customer service via streamlining the ordering process.Sending Cal Manufacturing, Inc., a discarded part for "reverse technology" is tried and true method of obtaining the correct tolerances on your part and we can "tweak" it to work efficiently and effectively for you.To see how we can better serve your needs in the welding industry, feel free to contact us via email at or toll-free, 1-888-272-5446.