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Inside Sales, Accounts Receivable/Payable:  Deb Brockway

Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Plant Manager:  Russ Hayward

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Quality Assurance:  With over 50-years of experience in Resistance Welding Technologies - we guarantee our cables meet industry standards for excellence and performance







Industrial Cable Management   The CAL line of cables includes robotic cable management.  Often, during integration of robotic spot welders/resistance welders, robot dress-out products are a low priority.  Experience shows that 85-90% of cable failure is due to inappropriate cable size, improper water flow or incorrect bend radius.  

Cal's industrial cables include:  Cal offers a dual polarity (alternate polarity cable) with forked connectors.  Choosing this option includes one longer "static" cable and another shorter cable, connected, which takes the brunt of the kick, pulse and vibration.   The shorter cables are less costly, saving valuable dollars and improving production runs in welding.

The CAL Line of industrial cable management also includes our Patented Swivel King, developed for the robotics welding market.  This cable allows the weld head to twist 180 degrees with as little as 15 pounds of pressure.

Consumables, Accessories:  The CAL line of cables includes accessories - special electrodes can be designed and produced.  Copper laminated shunts, shanks and gun arms can be reproduced to meet the design needs provided. 



 Cal Manufacturing, Inc., is growing to be your complete supplier for all cable needs. 

Cal Manufacturing

State of the art CNC machining provides higher tolerances for our more demanding designs.  Cable adapters, Busbars and Water-Cooled Cable Adapters are all within our capability.  Contact Cal Manufacturing, Inc., with your custom design cable needs.

Sure, you need a welding cable partner who has great products, prices and delivery every day. But if your line goes down due to a failure of a resistance welding cable, the stakes get higher in a hurry. In such an emergency, you need action. 

Enter Cal Manufacturing. We’ve been supplying cables to the resistance welding industry for more than half a century. Once customers buy from us, they keep coming back. Order after order, year after year.

Why? Quality built products, unbeatable pricing, impeccable service . . . and their own personal Red Cross when a welding disaster strikes: In most cases, the product you need the same or next day.

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Russ Hayward

Russ Hayward - Plant Manager

269-649-2942 - extension 105

Russ brings a lifetime of experience in the welding industry as a welder and a millwright to Cal.  His experience includes a variety of welding techniques, resistance welding, TIG welding, strategic pricing as well as management.

All of our products are inspected and tested for quality prior to shipping.  We are also pleased to announce new products and a presence in Mexico for export of our products to OEM's, distributors and Tier I, II and III companies in the automotive industry.  All of our cables meet the automotive standards for quality. 



Cheryl Benson - Cal Manufacturing, Inc., Board of Trustees, in charge of Daily Operations, Sales and Marketing. 

Researching new projects and developing new products for the marketplace.  Cal has over 50-years of experience in resistance welding consumables and 2015 will reveal the delivery of our standard products with a new appearance as well as new products for the welding industry.

Cal's modified expedited delivery program is what we are known for in the industry, and we now have several levels of expedited delivery programs for same day or two day shipping.  At Cal, your emergency will be our emergency. 

 Cal Manufacturing, Inc., is also excited to roll out new products in 2015 and a new look to our standard products.  As Cal strives to thrive in the industry, we also want our customers to thrive.   

 Sergio Sanchez

 Sergio Sanchez, MAPSA Welding Cables/Mexico Distributor /

Sales Consultant for Cal Manufacturing, Inc., in Mexico - representing the CAL line of resistance welding cables, secondary welding cables, welding consumables.